Is your ice cream suitable for vegetarian or vegan?
  • Our ice creams are eggless but they contain diary products.
  • Our sorbet do not contain diary nor eggs
  • Our ice cream are trans fat free
  • We use organic unrefined sugar in our ice cream production
Are your products Halal certified?
  • Our ice creams are not Halal certified by MUIS; however we do not use pork or lard in our production. 
  • We have some ice cream flavours which contain alcohol, such as Baileys and Rum & Raisin
Can I store the ice cream in the fridge? Or at room temperature?
  • No, ice cream must be stored in a freezer which is ~-18 degree Celsius
How long can I keep the ice cream/ice cream cake?
  • You can find the expiry date at the back of our ice cream pints (dd/mm/yy)
  • For ice cream cakes, generally it can be kept in the freezer for about a week if you have not cut the cake
  • If you have cut the ice cream cake, please store it in an airtight container and keep it in the freezer; try to consume the cake within 3 days especially if you store it in a mixed use freezer
Can I request for a message on the ice cream cake?
  • Yes you can. Each customized message will be charged at $2. The message will be written on a white colour fondant plaque and place on top of the cake or at the side. Please try to keep the message short and sweet so it can fit nicely on the cake
How to cut the ice cream cake? Do I need to defrost them in advance?
  • Please note that no plastic knife will be provided for ice cream cakes.
  • 20mins prior to serving, ideally move the cake into the fridge (+4 degree Celsius) to temper slowly; else, leave the cake in room temperature for 30mins
  • To cut cake, we recommend that you heat up a stainless steel knife in hot water
  • Wipe dry the knife and slice the cake (repeat heating the knife if necessary)
How far in advance should I place order?
  • We need 3 days notice (excluding Sunday and PH) for the pre-order cakes. For urgent orders please WhatsApp 91129136 to check.
Who to contact if I want to order a customized cake, or bulk order for an event? Any discount?

You can either send an email to enquiries@icecreamgallery.com  or commercial@icecreamgallery.com,

or WhatsApp 91129136 for a faster response. List your requirements and our team member will be happy to assist you. 

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