Events & Catering

Having a special event? We can cater our ice cream during weddings, staff parties, birthdays, anniversaries, bazaars, etc. Contact us to let us know your requirements. We will be happy to set up our special ice cream station for a party of 100 persons or more. For small gatherings of less than 100 persons, we are able to provide individually packed of 100ml cup. Call or contact us to discuss what you want and we will be happy to assist!

For all catering enquiries, please call us at 6348-6535 or
email us at for a no obligation quotation.

Option 1: Ice Cream scooping station with servers

We bring our ice cream station to your event at any location in Singapore together with our very own scoopers! Please note that due to the cost of moving and additional labour cost, this option may be costly if you are only catering for less than 200 scoops. Please contact us if you are interested in this option and we can discuss further

Option 2: 100ml prepacked cups with ice cream of your choice

We can pack any flavour of our ice cream in 100ml cups(equivalent to about a single scoop in our stores) for your function. Cost of each cup varies depending on which grade of ice cream you choose

Prices as follows:

1. Premium flavours: $3.90 per single scoop cup
2. Super Premium flavours: $4.40 per single scoop cup
3. Super Duper flavours: $5.40 per single scoop cup

  • For less than 50 cups: Free foam box; delivery cost of $20, dry ice $20
  • For 51 to 200 cups: Free foam box, free delivery, free dry ice plus 15% discount on ice cream
For >200 cups: Free foam box, free delivery, free dry ice plus 20% discount on ice cream

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