1. Design your own flavour

We are able to customize made any unique flavours you like for your café, special events or just for yourself

Minimum order will be 10 litres of ice cream

Drop us a mail at commercial@icecreamgallery.com so that we can discuss further

For indie cafes who are interested in serving our artisan ice cream or selling our ice cream cakes, cookiewiches, etc , do also contact us at the above email so that we can provide you a special price

2. Design your own packaging

We can pack your ice cream in any containers with a sticker design of your choice to customize the ice cream for your events, functions, occasions, etc

Packs can be in 100ml, one pint, double pint or 2 litre tubs; stickers can be designed by us or by the customer

3. Gifting

We can pack and deliver for your special gifting occasions

Freshly Made Artisanal Ice Cream –¬†Strive to delight with every scoop